Hello. My name is Sean Callahan and I am a professional wedding photographer. I have experience with both portraiture and corporate work as well and enjoy working in a variety of circumstances.
I am open to travel thoughout the country for weddings and will consider travel throughout Florida and South Georgia at no additional expense. I determined to set myself apart as a 'Christian Photographer' after I photographed a wedding in June, where the groom was surprised to learn I was a Christian..


The groom told me how the couple had prayed their photographer would be a Christian. As it turned out, the bride and her family and I had all been members of Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach and her parents knew a lot of my friends. We reflected upon how they had really wanted a Christian photographer and after that, I was prompted to specialize myself.
I have always relied on God completely to provide for my family and I will continue to stand as witness to the great work he has done in my life.

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