Wedding Photography Styles

There are two primary approaches to wedding photography and two additional styles that are gaining popularity among brides-to-be. Below, each style is defined and elaborated upon to fully explain the services I offer.

Why Christian Photographer?

I determined to set myself apart as a 'Christian Photographer' after photographing a wedding where the groom was surprised and excited to learn I was a Christian. The groom then told me how the couple had prayed that their photographer would be a Christian and how happy it made them that their prayers had been answered. This surprised me, as they did not read my testimony on my Island Photographer homepage because it was buried in text, and because I did not use the traditionl fish logo on my site, they were completely unaware of my faith. As it turned out, the bride, her family and I had all been members of the same church and they were close with many of my old friends. We reflected upon how they had really wanted a Christian photographer and after that, I was prompted to specialize myself with a unique website.

Award Winning Photographer

Whidbey Island Wedding Photographer Sean Callahan is an award winning photographer, specializing in Glamorous Weddings, and is available for Destination Weddings throughout the United States.